Tuesday, June 12, 2007

iPhone Haterz

The haters are out in force about the iPhone non-SDK.

But they've missed the key point.

The web 2.0 (sucks!) stuff has services built into safari that it can use. Think about that for a minute. The javascript environment in the browser provides services to the javascript application. These are not web services back on some server. They are services IN the browser.

That's pretty interesting.

A big complaint about web based apps is lack of native platform functionality. This kinda does away with that. Well defined services offered up via a browser local connection url would provide a nice sandbox for the apps to run in. Say: safari:/phone/dial?number=555-3928 And you get back a little xml doc when it's done. Sweet!

It also makes the safari for windows release even more interesting. Suddenly those iphone apps will work on your windows and mac without changing a thing. Development becomes really streamlined. Now I hate javascript more than most... but something like javafx or gwt should be able to get at those services too. Then your talking about something that's looking more and more like a really good approach.

Also notice that you don't have to deal with the service provider to get your app out there. The haters probably don't realize it but not all phone service providers will let you just offer up your native phone app for free. You typically have to pay and get your app hosted by the service provider.

Dunno... I'm not at the WWDC... perhaps I'm smoking crack. But I'm started to think Apple's onto something.

Oh yeah... There's about 0% chance I'm dropping ~500 bucks on one of those things no matter how cool they are.

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